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Our Story

Theos was founded in 2019 with the vision of becoming the Security Partner of choice for organizations needing cyber security services delivered.

Our mission is to deliver security outcomes, not silver bullets. We work collaboratively with organizations to define and execute strategies that achieve cyber resilience. Our customers love that we deliver on our commitments at high professional standards. And that we do it with their interests in mind, not ours.

Our founder, Alex Hudelot, was a former CISO for a technology company. During his tenure as a CISO, one of his biggest challenges was to find a partner that could help him to deliver his security programme. There were plenty of vendors out there willing to sell him security products, but very few had the capability to implement and operationalise them for him. Theos bridges this gap by delivering actual security outcomes.

Being a relatively young company is a strength. It allows us to be agile and responsive, maintain high quality standards and foster the human element in any client partnership we form. In turn, this benefits our clients: they have a partner they can rely on consistently.

Our Vision is to empower individuals and business to thrive in the new digital security age. We define and execute strategies to achieve cyber resilience.

Core Values

Our values are deeply embedded into everything we do. It is what we stand for and believe in, which allows us to deliver impactful results to our clients.

Value Security

First order of business — we believe that security is important. Then we work to deliver security that matters to the people we work with.

Demonstrate Integrity

We do what we say we are going to do.
Say what we need to say when plans change.
And follow through.

Challenge the Status Quo

We make a conscious choice to do better just because we can.

Care About People

There’s an actual human being on the other side of our conversations. So we understand them, care for them, respect them and work with them.

Nurture a Growth Mindset

We learn from our mistakes (because we all make them). We take the lesson and use it to make our next work better than the last.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Open Culture

We embrace openness and respect for others because that’s how we believe great work happens. We also believe each person deserves a chance to become a future expert in security regardless of where they come from.


At Theos, we deliver security outcomes, not silver bullets. We work with our customers best interest in mind, not ours, and we are eager to go the extra mile if it is the right thing to do.

Practicality First

We build a culture of trust and flexibility so our people can say what matters, when it matters, to the people it matters most.