THEOS DEFENSE improves cyber resilience by delivering strategic, transformational and operational security services in a pragmatic and practical way.


We help organisations to prevent and mitigate the effects from a cyberattack so you become more cyber resilient.
Our services within Theos Defense is about blocking and ensuring your architecture is able to prevent or mitigate the
effects of the effects of a cyberattack.

Strategic services designed to maximise security ROI

No matter where you are on your security journey, striking the right balance between cyber security ambitions and business outcomes will remain a challenge. We alleviate this burden by bringing insights into your cyber resilience based on years of experience working alongside other CISOs, learning from past projects and programmes and constantly innovating to push the boundaries of what is possible.

The result is a unique approach to evaluating and mitigating cyber risks that does not necessarily involve you buying the latest shiny tech on the market, but instead focus of cyber hygiene, best practices and not repeating the same mistakes others have made before.

How can you leverage this approach?
  • Cyber Maturity Assessments: assess your current security posture against industry-recognized frameworks and standards including NIST and ISO27001; and design a security programme that balances security ambitions and business outcomes. We don’t sell silver bullets, just the reality, plain and simple.
  • Security Programme Review: assess the effectiveness of your current programme. Is it delivering against its original goals? Is it effectively reducing risk? Are your investments yielding the returns you were expecting? Can your new solution be bypassed? We answer these questions every day.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance consulting: the fragmented regulatory landscape in Asia can be daunting at first. So are the fast-moving crypto regulatory bodies around the world racing to capture blockchain opportunities such as the Cayman, Gibraltar, Malta or CEZA. Do you want that headache to go away? Leave it to us, we love this!
Technical consulting services enabling the adoption of cloud-based security capabilities

Securely adopt cloud technologies by ensuring the continuous enforcement of security best practices within your cloud environments – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud – and SaaS applications – Office365, GSuite, Box, Salesforce, Hubspot and many more. Monitor sensitive customer data, financial data and intellectual property in the cloud and prevent unauthorized access, intentional or unintentional.

Our services are powered by Netskope and Microsoft, global leaders in enterprise cloud security.
  • Cloud Security Posture Management: enforce strong security hardening and operational principles to your entire cloud estate, from public cloud to SaaS applications. Gain instant visibility into your cloud security posture by leveraging native APIs and start remediating your blind spots in a matter of days.
  • Cloud Access Security Broker: get a birds-eye view into the usage of cloud services within the organization and apply a zero trust approach to accesses to your applications and data. Apply granular access and data protection policies to ensure that only the right data set is accessed by the right persona.
  • Mobile Device Management: get visibility and control over your device fleet, and condition access to corporate resources to the successful assessment of each device against your security hardening standard.

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Identify threats across all your workloads and swiftly contain and remediate potential cyber incidents.

We are an official CrowdStrike MSSP Partner in Asia, leveraging the Falcon Platform to deliver cloud-based protection across endpoints, cloud workloads, identities and data. CrowdStrike is the global leader in XDR technologies combining a native cloud platform, advanced analytics and high quality threat intellgence.

Our service takes CrowdStrike to the next level with a set of playbooks built specifically around the Falcon platform, executed with consistency across a multitude of environments in the region by certified SOC analysts. We don’t just catch and pass alerts. We hunt, investigate and work hand in hand with your team to mitigate the most advanced incidents. The service is wrapped with a monthly advisory session reviewing trends, events of interest and key recommendations.

MDR Service Tiers:
  • THEOS PROTECT: the foundation of workloads security with Next-Generation Antivirus integrated with threat intelligence, identifying and blocking advanced threats at record speed across your digital footprint.
  • THEOS DEFEND: a unified Next-Generation Antivirus and Endpoint Detection and Response capability providing visibility into every step of the attack chain and actionable insights enabling you to continuously improve your ability to defend your organization
  • THEOS HUNT: a proactive approach to seek, catch and eradicate the most sophisticated and stealth attacks that may already be in your environment.

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