Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection & Response

The ability to detect and respond to threats within your digital environment is paramount to safeguarding your business processes, lines of revenue and market reputation. Step away from the never-ending and costly approach to log management, SIEM rules fine-tuning and manual investigations into a business aware, technology enabled and expertise driven approach. We have your backs. In good times, and when you need us the most.

24/7 MDR

A 24/7/365 managed detection and response capability, powered by technology and driven by expertise. We work with you to continuously improve our joint capabilities in detection, response, intelligence gathering, orchestration and automation. Take a head start and continuously improve as we do.

Digital Forensics

Whether during a cyber incident, or in the aftermath once things are back under control, you want to gather as much detailed information as possible to understand where your controls have failed, and what are the avenues you should explore strengthening. We can help with forensics in various domains including email, network, database forensics as well as malware reverse engineering.

Incident Response

Suffering a major cyber incident? We have experience managing incidents in the military and defense sectors. From containing an attacker and remediating a compromise, to assessing the extent of damages and, in some cases, attribution. You are not alone. Get in touch! Right now!