Security Architecture

Security Architecture

Architecture drives the fundamental steps needed for accurate planning, designing, implementing, testing and continuous maintenance of structures. We can help you to strategically place and fine-tune your technology solutions that is critical to your business operations to maintain a holistic balance between prevention, detection, response, and recovery to cyber attacks.

Security & Risk Assessments

Cyber and information security risk assessments are aligned closely to business requirements, compliance and operations in order to support and motivate change. We can provide a clear picture of where you are and what you need to achieve to get to where you should be, or want to be.

Cloud Security

Supporting the security of business assets and processes via pivots and adaptation on your journey to cloud without any degradation in speed and accuracy. From design, to implementation, automation and remediation, ensure that your digital assets are protected wherever they reside.

Workloads Security

The cornerstone of modern security is focused on the evolution of endpoint from classic desktop to virtualized instances, mobiles and workloads . With the attack entry points focused on workloads, their security must work seamlessly with other mature security controls. By understanding this, we can help you develop a more holistic point of view and take a more effective approach to threat response.

Security Consulting

Cyber Security challenges are ever evolving. Whether you are looking to evaluate technologies, gather insights on how your peers are tackling a particular challenge, or simply augment your security manpower for a particular project, we can help. We are able to take on challenges that are technical in nature but remain collaborative in the way we work and agile in our approach.