Threat & Vulnerability Management

Threat & Vulnerability Management

It has almost become a staple to “Trust but Verify”. We believe you should VERIFY FIRST, then TRUST! Whether it is your business applications, your cloud and workloads, or your ability to detect and respond to incidents, take the offensive perspective and see how well you actually perform against a real skilled attacker. The bad guys are trying to get in day in and day out. When was the last time you tested your defenses?

Penetration Testing

Take the perspective of a hacker. Our certified ethical hackers leverage on the same tools and techniques as attackers to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within your applications – web and mobile – APIs and networks. Our team include some of the most talented hackers in Asia following the CREST methodology.

Vulnerability Management

Managing vulnerabilities is a foundation of any security programme. Scanning, prioritising and reporting is the bare minimum one should conduct. We take this further. First, identifying vulnerabilities should be as close to real-time as possible so you don’t wait for the next scan to know that you are exposed. Second, prioritising must be a factor of risk, not just CVSS scoring. We take the context of your environment to inform the severity of your exposure. And third, vulnerability management is useless if you don’t remediate! Remediation is an integral part of how we help you reduce your attack surface.

Red Teaming

Ever wondered what it would be like if someone was social engineering one of your remote offices? Or if any of your CxOs was the target of a business email compromise? Or if you suffered a DDOS attack on your corporate portal? We can help you find out! We emulate real world adversaries within agreed rules of engagement and shed light on your actual ability to detect and respond. Dare to try?