Customer’s profile:

An NGO that operates globally, headquartered in UK, which has 20 support offices globally, 37,000+ employees located in nearly 90+ countries. The mission of their business is to help the most vulnerable children to overcome poverty and experience fullness of life.

Customer’s challenge:

As one of the largest NGO in the world that operates in 90+ countries, The customer required an experienced third-party provider to perform Penetration Testing & Red Teaming Exercises to assess the effectiveness of their security controls and simulate different threat/attack scenarios relevant to the organisation.

Solution delivered:

Theos delivers two Red Team Cyber Assessment each year to the customer by emulating a real attack scenario, with the goal of improving the security defences as well as the security response to actual real-world attacks. ​

  • As part of the assessment, Theos performed an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack, with the aim of gaining access to and exfiltrate sensitive information within the customer’s HR and Finance Department. ​
  • The Assessment follows a Black Box Approach, which mimics how an attacker typically approaches an APT attack. This means the client does not share any specific knowledge as to the internal workings of the organisation. THEOS will have no pre-existing access to any asset, or information of the internal architecture and security controls.
Why Theos?
  • We are experienced: Our Ethical Hackers have more than 10 years of experience and have operated across many industries, including industries that are significantly more advanced in dealing with cyber threats such as the public sector. This means we are ideally placed to bring expertise and know-how acquired with customers on the leading-edge of cybersecurity.
  • Access to talented and certified Ethical Hackers: Our highly skilled consultants hold industry certifications like OSCP, OSEP, CRTO, CRTP, and CRTE. ​