Claroty bridges the gap in industrial cybersecurity, offering tailored solutions that secure critical infrastructure and industrial control systems against emerging threats.

Our Partnership

The partnership between Theos Cyber Security and Claroty empowers clients to fortify their industrial networks. By integrating Claroty’s deep insights and sector-specific protection strategies into our offerings, we provide enhanced security solutions that address the unique challenges and high-stakes nature of industrial cybersecurity.

Company Overview

Claroty is a leader in cybersecurity for industrial and critical infrastructure, specializing in securing operational technology (OT) networks. Their comprehensive platform enhances visibility and protection across a wide range of industrial environments, effectively safeguarding systems from external threats and internal vulnerabilities.

Delivering Service

Leveraging Claroty’s technology, Theos Cyber Security offers specialized industrial cybersecurity services. These services include system assessment, continuous monitoring, and incident response tailored to the needs of industrial environments. Our approach ensures that all aspects of OT security are managed and optimized, providing a fortified barrier against both conventional and sophisticated cyber threats.


Looking for cyber resilience in Asia?

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