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We are committed to deliver services to customers at high professional standards through our experienced team of people. We will provide a unique opportunity for our partners to bring innovative and pragmatic solutions to our joint customers, because we are stronger together right!


As a security solution provider, and a strategic CrowdStrike Partner, we believe that our value should be beyond simply procuring the technology for you. We provide high-end CrowdStrike services from solution design, implementation, managed detection & response and incident response.

With thousands of endpoints deployed, we help you shorten the time it takes for you to leverage the technology, preempt the challenges that others have faced and help you fully utilise the power of its cloud native architecture.


Take your vulnerability management programme to the next level. By Take your vulnerability management programme to the next level. By leveraging Qualys, we help organisations improve their ROI in vulnerability management by implementing Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) strategies that ensure that the most important vulnerabilities are the ones addressed first. With a high degree of automation, we correlate vulnerabilities with assets, exposure and threat intelligence, and trigger workflows that shorten the time to remediate.

Get in touch if you are crawling through vulnerabilities and would rather focus your efforts on effectively reducing your risk.