Qualys sets the standard for cloud-based security and compliance solutions, empowering organizations with real-time insights to protect digital environments effectively.

Our Partnership

The partnership between Theos Cyber Security and Qualys enhances our cybersecurity offerings with robust, scalable tools for vulnerability management and compliance checks. This collaboration allows us to deliver comprehensive security assessments that identify and address vulnerabilities efficiently, ensuring that our clients’ systems are secure and compliant with current regulations.

Company Overview

Qualys is a pioneer in providing cloud security, compliance, and related services across the globe. Their platform offers continuous security intelligence, vulnerability management, and compliance monitoring, ensuring that businesses can anticipate and mitigate potential security threats swiftly.

Delivering Service

Theos Cyber Security utilizes Qualys’ advanced scanning and cloud services to provide detailed security and compliance reports. Our delivery model includes comprehensive setup, continuous monitoring, and proactive management of security assessments, helping clients maintain an optimal security posture and compliance status at all times.


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