CrowdStrike revolutionizes cybersecurity with its cloud-native Falcon platform, employing advanced AI to deliver real-time threat detection and automated incident responses.

Our Partnership

Theos Cyber Security partners with CrowdStrike to incorporate the Falcon platform’s robust capabilities into our cybersecurity solutions. This strategic alliance enhances our ability to offer clients cutting-edge endpoint security, cloud security and Identity protection that effectively counters a variety of cyber threats, from ransomware to sophisticated nation-state attacks.

Company Overview

CrowdStrike specializes in endpoint security and workload protection, providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats. Their industry-leading Falcon platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to offer seamless security across endpoints, cloud workloads, and identity systems.

Delivering Service

Through our collaboration with CrowdStrike, Theos Cyber Security provides a fully managed security service that includes the deployment, monitoring, and management of CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform and Next Generation SIEM. Our comprehensive service ensures that client environments are continually monitored and protected against the latest security threats, allowing businesses to maintain operational continuity and reduce risk.


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