Customer’s profile:

A blockchain company, with 200+ employees across 3 offices globally. A crypto market capitalization of USD 2.2B as of June 2021. The company provides end-to-end solutions to bring blockchain businesses from a strategic planning to product deployment. The Company’s software introduces a new blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.


Customer’s challenge:
  • As a blockchain company that has operations in US and Asia, the customer had an urgent need for GRC consulting services to meet compliance requirements from various regulators and investors across the globe. ​
  • They needed a security partner to strengthen their security policies by aligning it to the latest regulatory requirements and internationally recognised standards to secure trading licenses
Solution delivered:

Theos provided the following services to the customer: ​

  • Mapped regulatory requirements to internal security controls to fulfil their regulatory requirements and to strengthen their internal security policies
  • Completed vendor security assessments for 40 technology vendors (including SaaS, plugins and on-premise solutions) to lower 3rd party risks
  • Designed and implemented security policies based on the regulatory and standard requirements.
  • Designed a Security Awareness Programme to help the customer better handle their critical systems and/or exchange
Why Theos?
  • Our experience in delivering GRC for Financial Services customers in APAC: our security consultants are qualified to perform consulting services on a global scale for customers and have 10+ years of experience in delivering security and compliance engagements in APAC for customers in the fintech and financial services sector.