Customer’s profile:

One of the largest stock exchanges in South East Asia, with 200+ listed companies as of 2021, and a market capitalisation of USD200+ million as of 2021.

Customer’s challenge:

The client is one of the Stock Exchanges in Asia. Being a prime target for malicious actors, they need to constantly test the strength of their applications and systems to minimise the risk of compromise. They were looking for a partner to engage in the long term to deeply understand their architecture and applications while providing a flexible commercial framework.

Solution delivered:
  • An annual retainer for Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing across the entire application estate of the Stock Exchange with a minimum of 30 tests per year.
  • Ethical Hackers are deployed within the stock exchange as well as remotely to look for flaws and vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Recommendations and remediation services are provided on an on-demand basis.
Values delivered to the customer:
  • Local and remote Ethical Hackers available on-demand.​
  • Leverage on our past learnings on delivering to large FSI customers in Asia, as all projects are delivered in-house and not outsource to contractors.