Customer’s profile:

A hospital in Philippines, which has 200+ employees. Concerns from the owning group that certain malicious actors may target hospitals in the midst of the pandemic with the possible intent of extortion

Customer’s challenge:

The customer was looking to replace their legacy AV solution, as they look into simplifying prevention and detection in a single platform and augmenting their resilience against possible disruptive events. The scope of coverage requested was 250 endpoints.

Solution delivered:

Theos delivered the NGAV solution for the customer, which includes the following: ​

Security values delivered to the customer:
  • Able to implement the solution within the customer’s environment within 1-week, which enables the customer to migrate away from their legacy AV solution on-time. ​
  • Gained an overview of their endpoints’ exposure to security risks such as data breaches and ransomware that could cause disruption to the  hospital operations – 131 detections over 8 hosts within 1 month after the completion of deployment at the customer’s environment. ​
  • Successfully contained an ongoing incident where attackers had gained a foothold in the environment and were in a potential to severely disrupt it medial operations