Intelligence-led red team exercise

What is Red Teaming?

Red Teaming is a scenario-based exercise during which ethical hackers leverage similar tools, tactics and procedures as real adversaries to put an organization defenses to the test.

The exercise is designed around an agreed objective – data theft, operational disruption, ransom – and executed according to a predefined scenario.

The outcome is a reality check on the strength of your current defenses and demonstrable ways your organization could be compromised.

Why Red Teaming?

Red Teaming is particularly effective at assessing real-life security maturity, testing your MSSP capabilities and justifying security budget requests.

Red Team Objectives
Data Theft
Data Integrity Compromise
Persistent Access
Operational Disruption
Red Team Scenarios
Advanced Persistent Threat:

End-to-end black box scenario where Red Team Operators have no initial knowledge or access to the organization. The exercise starts with a reconnaissance phase followed by attempts to gain an initial foothold via several attack vectors.

Assume Breach:

Scenario geared towards detection and response capabilities where Red Team Operators have an initial access to a compromise asset and attempt to escalate into a broader objective.

Third Party Compromise:

Determine what would happen if one of your major supplier was compromised. How far would an attacker go?

USB Drop-in / Mail-in:

This specific technique remains widely used in Asia. We leverage custom-made USB devices to identify the likelihood of such an attack to be successful


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