Cyber Maturity Assessments

Security programs must provide both short term tactical and long term strategic goals to support a growing maturity of your information security state. Challenges include developing a maturity plan and communicating with the various stakeholders from operations to board level executives. We can assist with the building of this critical incremental security program with effective and measurable metrics to support cultural changes in a compelling way.

Secure Digital Workplace

In light to the global pandemic situation, a secure digital workplace is ever more critical to the secure operations of your organization. The steps to quickly develop a secure digital workplace in 2020 has now enforced the need to evolve into a strategic approach to support this new normal moving into the 3rd decade of the millennium and forward. We understand the importance of mobilization, endpoint security and data protection as workplace flexibility is becoming a permanence and we have the expertise to assist your goals in mitigating the cybersecurity challenges.

Security Transformation

Digital landscape at organizations has evolved rapidly over the last 2 decades with cloud being the focal strategic approach. Digital methods are here to stay and is growing at pace, and your security program needs to adapt to support these new architectures. This requires a fundamental re-assessment of the current security environments to address industry uniqueness coupled with the provision of accurate indicators of threat to security teams. We can be your trusted advisor on the protection against the current ever increasing, high risk threat vectors which are aimed at cloud migrations and digitization of business operations and processes. We can help improve your security operations through automation, improved detection, and better use of threat intelligence.

Attack Surface Reduction

The attack surface represents the sum of all possible ways there might be to compromise any part of the digital footprint of an organization, from its online assets, to its digital identities, trade secrets, customer data, and much more. Gaining an understanding of the scale of the attack surface can be a daunting task of its own. Where would you start if you were trying to reduce it? Get in touch to hear from our experts on their approach to reducing the attack surface and how discovery, automation and orchestration are powerful approaches to effectively reduce your attack surface.